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Seized engine or safety switch

i have a 2007 chevy cobalt lt with 19,540 miles. two days ago it was being driven when it lost control on a wet turn and went off the road into a field. we were able to drive back onto the road without getting stuck or jostled around. roughly one mile down the road the oil light comes on, roughly another mile down the road the temp light comes on. less than a mile after that while looking for a safe spot to pull off the road, the car turns off and wont start. it was dark and the has very low ground clearance but i was able to see a hole in the oil pan and that the radiator was leaking after i put water in to test that theory. the dipstick was dry and the coolant empty. I AM SOOOO DUMB! is the engine done for or is there a safety switch and i just need new oilpan and radiator.

Unfortunately this may be a very expensive lesson. After driving without oil for a mile the engine is most likely ruined.

The engine is done for, since you apparently drove the car for about three miles after the oil warning light came on. The engine has seized for lack of lubrication, and unfortunately, you have only yourself to blame for not pulling to the side of the road immediately when the oil warning light first came on.

Luckily for you, you can submit a claim to your insurance company for this, because it resulted from an accident. However, they may disallow the claim, based on your negligence for not shutting down the engine before it seized.

And, when you buy your next car, please be sure to read the Owner’s Manual cover to cover. That book contains valuable information including verbiage to the effect of “shut down engine immediately if oil warning light is illuminated”. Unfortunately, shutting the engine off after driving three miles does not fall within anyone’s definition of “immediately”.

Good luck!

You’re Not Dumb (After The Incident)! It Sounds Like You Know Exactly What Happened To Your Engine! Wouldn’t it be nice to just trip a safety switch, replace an oil pan, or have a “Do Over”?

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Report it to your insurance company. On some vehicle, there are electronic safe-guards built into the engine computer. I don’t know about yours.
A mechanic can screw temporary plugs into the oil pan and radiator, and put in fluids; then, start it and see.

do overs ROCK!

still rollin! GREAT RESPONSE!

MY responses of this nature always get mailed back to me.(how sweet of them to do so)

good day!

PS just another case of a faulty SEAT know the seal between the steering wheel and the seat.