Seeking info - honda dealerships albany ny area

Hi ,

I’m relatively new in the albany NY area and I’m looking to buy a certified used Honda Civic.

Following some advice I’m shopping for a trustworthy dealer first. Does anyone out there have experience good or bad with the Honda dealerships in the Albany NY area? They are : Lia Honda , Keeler Honda, Rensalaer honda, Mowhawk honda, Saratoga Honda

The best I can suggest is this:
Ask your co-workers & friends.
Go to, put in your zip code/car you’re looking for & see what it turns up.
Then do a search on & to get a good feel for the price.
I’d only deal with dealerships that offer free Carfax.
Then go to the dealership & trust your gut.
Take your time looking the car over, before you get into it.
Pop the hood…look for anything that doesn’t look right(This scares the heck out of car salesmen). Look at the body of the car from all angles. Bend down & look at the bottom of the car.
Open the trunk & lift up the “carpet”. Is there rust or dust in the wheel wells?
Look at the paint…
Open the doors & look at the bottom of them, for rust or moisture.
DO NOT LET the salesman “start it up for you & turn on the A/C”. While leaving the door open. They do this to let the mildew blow out of the car.
Good luck.