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Seeing around trailer mirrors

Any suggestions for a vertically challenged driver to see around the driver’s side trailer mirror at intersections? My seat is as high as it will go. Cars and pedestrians to my left will be eternally (hopefully not literally) grateful for any help.

No ideas I have seen will help if I understand correctly, except keen observation skills to observe before blinded. Told my daughter while teaching her to drive, cars come out of nowhere, pedestrians also I imagine.

You could add a backup camera system aimed in the blind spot. No rule says the camera has to aim backwards.

In training as a School Bus Driver, we were advised to “rock and roll” when approacing an intersection. That is, lean back in the seat and then lean forward to make sure nothing is hiding behind the blind spot behind large mirrors. I probably should have been taught that for truck driving but when I started driving tractor trailer all you needed to do was have a license to drive a car and go to the auto bureau and pay 25 cents to get a chauffeurs license. Training was self taught with advice from other drivers.