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Security System Malfunctioning

My horn has been starting to beep when I get into car and touch steering wheel. The only way to make it stop has been to turn ignition on. It has a toggle switch on dash but it didn’t help. Mechanic fixed it but now the horn won’t work. He said if he fixed it some other way the car wouldn’t start, so I let him fix it with the horn being disabled. What should I do now? Get a bike or boat horn and somehow attach it? Will it be heard if windows closed?

I think you need to remove and replace your mechanic first. A good independent mechanic can get your horn working and your vehicle will start. This is a “work around” fix when you don’t understand the problem.

Thank you. forgot to mention the security system was put in by the previous owner, not by Toyota. I will try the mechanic I had planned to use,who specializes in electrical work. Do you think I can get the money back from the one who did it wrong?


I got the security system/alarm removed by a car alarm place for $50, and the horn works.

I may get the money back fm first mechanic.