Secondary air filter

My 02 saturn had water in the secondary air filter and I had it replaced. 3days later “service engine soon” again and water emptied. 4 days later–the same and a valve was replaced that was stopping water from existing the exhaust pipe. 3 days later “service engine soon”. All I want to do is get it working so I can trade it in!! so frustrating.

Step #1 I think you need someone who troubleshoots rather than just replacing parts.

If you get the codes read (hopefully you already had that done and the error code (Like [P1234] and post it as a reply here.

I second that ^

My 02 Saturn had the same problem. Someone posted a fix here for that and it worked. The valve that was replaced is the reed valve that insures that airflow is in one direction only.

From the secondary air pump which is located just behind the passenger side headlight, there is a rubber hose that goes to the reed valve, located just behind the alternator. From there , there is a metal tube that goes down to the exhaust manifold. You can see where the tube goes into the manifold, there is a passage that goes down to the exhaust ports cast into the manifold.

Remove the tube from between the manifold and the reed valve and make sure it is clear. The use carb cleaner to clear it out if necessary. Then squirt the carburetor cleaner down into the tube molded into the manifold to get the carbon out of it. Once it has a clear shot to the exhaust ports, the light will go away.

The water in the reed valve was never the problem, that is also part of the function of the reed valve to keep water out of the secondary air pump where, in winter, it could freeze and damage the pump.