Sebring engine knocking and over heat after driving through grass!

Good to know, thank you!

Does anyone know if there is a way to test the TCM to see if it is really faulty before I buy a new one? Is there a way to just reset the whole shebang? Start from scratch digitally?

While working on the engine, you may have disturbed the wiring to the transaxle.

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Hmmm… would that be down around the oil pan?

You could try disconnecting the battery overnight. That resets all the computers. There can be problems associated with this however, as resetting the computers causes all the learned parameters to be lost. In most cases they’ll be quickly relearned just by driving the car, but not always. And there can be radio and alarm system problems related to disconnecting the battery.

First, what year and mileage? The engine might simply be gobbling oil, not accident related. When you get it running, you’ll want to check oil level often.

I like the idea of resetting the computers. You can search the trouble codes if they don’t clear. There are several sensors that could have been damaged during the wild ride, not to mention wiring and connectors. Cross country @ 60 could tear up a truck. I’m surprised it got you home. Check closely. Those modules aren’t cheap.

When did the check engine light pop on?

Thank you so much for this intelligent constructive and clear advise. You really sound like you know what you’re talking about. I think the engine’s ok because has been running strong and quiet and reliably ever since I got it started. I’ll check the battery today. Thanks again!

2001 Chrysler Sebring, 94,000 miles. After I finished replacing the bearings and oil pan gasket, after I got everything back together, and started the engine. I let the engine just run for at least 30 minutes. The light came on when I went to drive it. I got about 100 yards then the light came on and ‘limp mode’.

With the engine off and the battery disconnected it read 13.3v. When connected and engine idling it was 14.6

That sounds like the previous comment was correct and something
was disconnected or knocked loose while pulling the pan. When a
sensor fails, the light will come on the next time the car exceeds
a threshold speed. It took the Dodge tech about 5 minutes to plug
my Caravan in and diagnose this problem… $125 out of pocket.

  It's tricky doing home diagnostics because the codes you see are

fairly generic.

That looks correct. Your problem is unlikely to be related to the battery or the alternator. The p0605 problem is the one I’d be focusing on if I had that problem. Be sure to check all the computer bus connectors (CAN bus) as if one of them is loose or corroded the variouis modules won’t be able to talk to each other reliably & that code might be the result. Slide 7 of this tutorial shows what the Can bus connectors look like.

Hey everyone! I replaced the TCM and everything is running great!