2008 Chrysler Sebring - So hot it snapped the dipstick - twice

2008 Chrysler Sebring Convertible limited 3.5L flex fuel
I had this car from new it now has only 33000 miles
Oil gets very hot 215 - 245 degrees, the water temp is find 180 - 190 degrees When the oil is very hot after using car about 20 minutes I get a knocking noise, I tried to check the oil when is hot I broke the dip stick 2 times it was so hot they just snapped
I taken it to many mechanic’s no answer to my problem, never seen a problem likes this the engine runs smooth no shaking
When the problem first started I had the oil changed, no change in the temp of the oil so I changed it after 500 miles still no change hot oil & noisy engine only when the engine gets hot

Heat didn’t cause the dipstick to snap. Why do you think the oil temperature is too high? What is the actual oil pressure when you hear the knocking?

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I had dip-stick “snap” on me in plastic handle piece twice:

#1. when I’ve got an old beater car for my kid, happened very soon after

#2. when I replaced it with some cheap counterfeit dip-stick from eBay

after #2, I replaced it with OEM part and it never happened again

I wonder if my engine was running hot until I replaced dip-stick with OEM ? :slight_smile:

I was hoping for a response from someone more knowledgeable than me. To me the oil temperature seems to be normal.
As for the knocking, I have no idea. Is your oil pressure normal range? All I can say is continue to try other mechanics, one must be able to find the source of the knocking.

I also believe that those oil temperatures are in the “normal” range.

A knocking sound coming from an engine cannot be discounted, and must be investigated by a competent mechanic.