Seat position for those with hip/back problems

Do your legs sit at a right angle ie.good height if one has hip or back problems?

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I’m guessing you DO have hip and/or back problems

I just drive cars that are comfortable for my particular bad back . . . scoliosis. Hip problems, too, come to think of it

To be brutally honest, I don’t really care what position my legs are in, relative to the rest of my body, when I’m driving, as long as I can operate the vehicle properly, and that includes the pedals

My comfort is more important than worrying if it may look unnatural to somebody else

Are you looking for a new car?

Are you looking for a seat cushion?

Are you writing a research paper?

Are you conducting a survey?

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You have to find a position that is comfortable for YOU. Also, no matter what you do, on long drives, you will have to get out and stretch.

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When I had s minor back injury, I use a good size pillow at the lower back to support and sit more comfortable.

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Everyone with back problems has a unique need different from everyone else. You need to experiment to find your own solution.

I have disabling degenerative disc disease. My lady friend has a different condition that requires an entirely different solution. She cannot sit in my car seat the way I’ve set it up (with a custom pad that I’ve learned to make myself), and I cannot sit in her driver’s seat the way she sets it up.

I had to trade a brand new Corolla in (in 2005) after only two months because the seat, ergonomics, and ride were crippling me. I swallowed hard and mentally accepted the financial loss as a medical expense. The car I traded it for has been great for me ever since. I’d do it again. It was worth every penny that I lost to depreciation.


I do have back problems and I like a car that allows me to move around and adjust stuff. For me, there is no perfect position. I also love heated seats. I use them on all but the hottest of days. One specific thing I look for in any vehicle is the ability to allow my right leg to rest without hitting the center console. RAV4 and Corolla work well for that. As does BMW X2 if you have the budget. I did a review for one of our partner sites, BestRide, and made sure to mention that.

If you have a big budget, the massage seats in pricey cars work nicely. I was surprised.

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Bestride looks like got some good stuff! Nice review

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