Seat cover suggestions

I’m looking for some suggestions/opinions on seat covers for my Toyota Carmy. i’m on a budget so cant afford the expensive top of the line covers i see out there but would like to know what are some good quality decent priced covers. prefer black or black/grey to match a sport interior.

pics of what youre using would be great.

I would check Amazon and look at how many have been sold and the reviews, if they have sold 5000 with a 4.5 start rating vs 150 with a 4.8 rating, then I would probably go with the 5000 sold cause there is more out there with more wear and tear then the higher rated 150 sold… But that is just me…


The only other thing I would say other than what davesmopar said, is make sure they are rated for air bags. You wouldn’t want to have an accident and have the seat covers hinder the air bags.


Safety was optional that year… :crazy_face:

Yeah, I don’t know why I forgot about possible air bags, but you are 100% right…

I purchased my Corolla’s seat covers at Target, seems to be a pretty good quality product, at least it was at the time I purchased them. You might want to check what they have available that fits your car. Walmart probably has them too. I need new seat covers for my truck, so let us know what you discover, I’ll be watching here.

Is repair an option? Some cool cheap options out there.

I am drawing a blank on the concern about Seat Covers and Air Bags… I could understand if the issue was a Dash Cover… But as far as I remember, only James Bond might have an issue with “Seat Covers” and an Airbag…" on his “Ejector Seat…”

I would have included an "L o L . . . " but like Q, “I never joke about my work…” (0:19 in the video…)

Some seats have side airbags built in.
Do Seat Covers Affect Airbags? - Bing video

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Rock auto has a line of covers that look pretty good. The issue seems to be if they are available for a particular car. I would get a set if I could find a reasonable auto upholsterer or could figure out how to remove the plastic molded seat back without destroying it.

I haven’t purchased seat covers in a while, but I purchased some really good quality rubber floor mats for my truck a couple of years ago, excellent value, new, at a local flea market. In this area flea market purchases typically the buyer is not charged sales-tax, another benefit.

I did not know, thank you for including the video…

I think that this has become more or less standard practice since the late '90s.

What’s In A Seat: Airbags.

Wow, until I read this posting, I never realized just how many airbags were installed in my 2019 Toyota and 2020 Honda I image if they all deployed I would feel like Sylvester Stallone in the movie, “Demolition Man” L o L . . .

I ordered a set of Coverking Neosupreme seat covers for my 2010 Cobalt, they were still in good shape when I sold the car in 2022. Other materials are available.

Ed B.

You never glanced at the side of the front seats during the time that you have owned these cars? Your seats almost surely have a label resembling this:

The only way that they would all deploy is if there was impact to the front and both sides. Additionally, the side curtain airbags will deploy if a rollover event is detected.

Only if mine were as obvious as yours… On the 2019 Toyota the notice is embossed into the plastic, on the side plate, near the seat adjustment and it is only about an inch long…

On the 2020 Honda, there is a label, like yours, but unlike yours, it is not a black label on a light colored beige/off-white seat, but rather Black on black and the seat sits so far back that it is normally obscured by the door post and the seat belt buckle tends to sit right on top of it…

Yeah, I know that the impact sensors determine which Airbags are fired off… I imagine I would have to drive off a Pikes Peak like Jeremy Foley to fire off all of them…

I am glad that this topic came up, as another web site I like to view, I am “Smarter Every Day…”

I’m looking at this toyota seat covers from Wetokole. Does anyone have any experiences or any ideas about them ?
They seems preety good to me but price is little higher.

No experience w/that brand, but they look like some pretty good ones. I doubt you’d be disappointed.

I went to their Web Page and this is all I found…

This graphic is from the Owner’s Manual for my 2019 Toyota Corolla SE. I looks like one is sitting on the Front Side Airbags and if they go off, they blow out and upward.

I would contact them at 1670 Sunflower Ave, Costa Mesa, CA 92626 USA, Phone: 888-246-5653

Good Luck!

One of the questions during the order process is about the side airbags, from the companies videos it looks like the cover rips away during deployment in a way that doesn’t interfere with the airbag.