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Seafoam trans tune?

I came across a video where a mechanic suggested to possibly address a sticky power steering issue with the rack and pinion is to remove some of the fluid and pour in 8 oz of this seafoam trans tune to help unclog and clean out the R & P. Has anyone heard of this stuff and is something to consider doing 38th a sticky power steering.

There are a million cure in a bottle remedies out there, consider them a band aid, not a solution, now you have to choose, do I want to repair, temp fix for whatever short term solution, more specific info would help my esteemed colleagues guide your decision.

Well according to the video this stuff is a cleaner, and before replacing the entire Rack and pinion, for which I was quoted a price of $785, trying this stuff might resolve the sticky steering issue.

A car make model and specific details would be appreciated, ie wht is sticky steering? Left turns right turns, wheel does not center, my steering wheel sticks to my fingers etc.

2003 impala. Turning to the right there is no issue, turning to left and interstate and city driving it’s fine but turning sharp at slow speeds or say at stop sign from a dead stop a left turn can be sluggish and be like there is no power steering. Sometimes you will hear what sounds like a gurgling sound. All problems from just on left turns.