Screechng 96 Geo Prism

The car was driving fine. Then an hour later I went to start it to go to work and it made this horrible screeching sound. It won’t turn over… it just screeches. Does anybody have an answer for me?

By “won’t turn over” do you mean that the starter motor will not turn the crankshaft at all, or that the crankshaft turns but the engine won;t start?

If the former then your starter motor is not properly engaging. The cause could be a few things, one of which is missing teeth on the flywheel ring gear.

If the latter, then you know the starter is working and you need to open the hood, have a friend turn the key, and see if you can tell what’s screeching. You could have an alternator that’s toast, a bound-up AC compressor that’s stopping the serpentine belt from moving, perhaps even a bound-up power steering pump keeping the belt from turning.