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Scratch on rotor

Just bought some new front rotors and there’s a scratch on one of them and was wondering if anyone would know if it would affect the functionality. Just don’t want to go through the hassle of returning/exchanging it but willing to if it does. Thoughts, input?

If that is a scratch, it hurts nothing, if it’s a crack, it goes back.


Thanks for the response oldtimer! I’m sure it’s just a scratch, I checked the other side and there was nothing.

If you are here asking about that scratch then any time you think you hear something or it doesn’t feel right you are going to worry about it. Just set your mind at ease and exchange it.

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That’s one deep scratch. Sure it’s not a crack?

I’m pretty sure its not. I’ve checked it from different angles and checked the other side. The scratch is on the surface and you can feel it when you run your fingers over it.

I agree with Volvo and texases . . . looks like a crack

Return it and demand another rotor . . . should be no problem

Simple: if it is a scratch use it, if not return it.

its a difficult decision since I bought them online. Hopefully I won’t have to pay a restocking fee or return shipping or both.

Well . . . you can lay hands on the rotor and we can’t

If it really is just a superficial crack, there’s a good chance you’ll be fine

That said . . . I don’t see why the online vendor should make YOU pay a restocking- or return fee

I don’t know who you ordered from, but I’ve gotten defective parts from, for example . . . and I was able to convince them to just send me a new part, versus having me go to the trouble of sending the old part back. It wasn’t anything as heavy as a rotor, BTW

I politely pointed out that if they made me go to all the trouble of packing the item, driving to a ups, fedex, or post office to return it, then they would likely not be doing future business with me

Just a thought . . .

funny, I ordered a wheel bearing from RockAuto. The Website said perfect fit. Come to find out it did not. They readily agreed for me to return and exchange it, but at my expense. Talked to three different people there and they would not budge. I ended up modifying my exchange ticket to a refund, ship it back at my expense and pay a restocking fee. That was the last time I ordered parts from them. …just my experience

I’ve had reasonably good experience with them outside of a couple items. I’ve never returned anything. Most of the time I’d rather just throw something away than return it. Wife returns stuff all the time so that’s just me. I did get a plug wire set for a V8 instead of a V6 one time but I was able to use it but I’m fussy enough that I didn’t like it. Also the water pump I got evidently leaked-according to the dealer. I like them for getting OEM brand items at reasonable prices instead of the normal stuff in the auto parts stores. You need to realize though that items are drop shipped from all over so I’m not sure what kind of control they have over some of it. Kind of like Amazon where they function as the middle man for a lot of items.

That crack or scratch though is only on the hub part and not the part contacting the brake pads. Likely was dragged over something, but really hard to tell from the picture.

This is why I hate ordering things online.

Wash the surface with brake cleaner, which you need to do anyway, and see if it disappears. Discs are coated with a rust preventative when shipped. The scratch may just be coating-deep.

So, did you return it and ask for a replacement? A good online store will shoulder the return shipping cost.

There are penetrant dyes that you can use to verify that it isn’t cracked before using it. Parts stores should have them, although I always got mine through industrial suppliers and have never had to check at parts stores.

Thanks for the advice. I’ll give it a shot.

It was a gift that was bought through eBay. I started a process to have them exchanged with the company that sold them but I told them I would take it to a shop to get them checked. Fortunately the mechanic said my front brakes and rotors are still good for a while but both rear rotors and brakes would need to be changed soon. The rotors I have are for the front so that’s just my luck. I would change the brakes myself, but I don’t have access to tools and a space to work.

Hit the scratch with hammer.

If it remains a scratch and doesn’t turn into a crack, it’s a scratch!


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Is there a “scratch” in the same location on the back side?

"Thanks for the response oldtimer! I’m sure it’s just a scratch, I checked the other side and there was nothing."

Oops! Excuse me! Never mind. I didn’t notice this detail, before.
CSA :blush: