Scraping paper gasket : need ideas

between the brake WHOOPS clutch master cylinder and firewall, in an obstructed area, there are remnants of a paper gasket. It’s quite tough to get off. I tried soaking with water, scrubbing with nylon brush, steel brush, BFScrewdriver. The paint comes off before long when using the harsh tools. Next I’ll try a plastic scraper. Need to hear some other ideas : something on the end of a drill extension? Oil to soften the fibers? Building up to a mess here… might be able to get half a finger on it if I approach from the footwell. Notably, where the gasket detached from the paint, being stuck to the cylinder, the firewall is in perfect condition.

I’d spray on some of that gasket remover stuff

let it soak in for several minutes, then try to carefully scrape it off with a non-metal scraper

If you trim up the excess mess and put a generous bead of RTV around the opening and re-insall the master cylinder I feel certain you can move on to the next step in repairing the car. The gasket’s purpose was to keep fumes from entering the cabin. It does not seal any pressure or prevent any liquid from leaking.

@"Rod Knox"‌ @db4690‌ thanks a lot, so fast. You know I recall seeing gasket remover - of course I should take a look… OTOH I have some Great Stuff as recommended by @keith‌ I think… Rod, you may have guessed right - I still have a bleeding to do, but now with everything I need.

Make sure your gasket remover is safe for painted surfaces???

Like @Rodknox Said it’s not a gasket that seals pressure, just stray fumes from entering the cabin.


That gasket remove will remove paint and even worse; if any mist blows on your bare skin you will be itching followed by clawing, and then running for the water hose. Caution if you use that product.

I use a sharp putty knife or single edge razor blades on steel surfaces. On aluminum I only use razor blades.

There are tools made specifically for scraping gaskets but I found them to not work that well.


I have to disagree about the gasket remover. I’ve used spray on gasket remover that did not remove or even damage the paint. All it did was soften up the gasket. I must say I only let it sit a few minutes. i don’t know what would happen if you let it sit for long periods of time

It sounds like you’re thinking of something far more potent than I am

I’m thinking of permatex spray on gasket remover

That’s not what I’m familiar with and can’t say as I’ve even seen that product here. The stuff I’m referring to is Coppercoat gasket remover in an aersol can. It’s best to wear rubber gloves when scraping anything after using that stuff.

A story about that product. We had a lot porter kid who was a good guy and some pranks went back and forth. He got me good by smearing moly grease on the bottom of all of the drawer handles on my toolbox and super glued the bottom chest lock so revenge was in order.

The dealer had installed a number of those swamp coolers in the shop which made it very nice on those 100 degree days by keeping temps in the 70s.
Through an open doorway I saw the kid sit down one afternoon on a break at a table in the parts department. He was about 30-40 feet away.
I aimed one of the vents on the swamp cooler in his direction, sprayed a 2 second blast of that gasket remover into the airflow, and then buried my head under a hood while keeping an eye on him.

A few minutes later I saw him scratch his arm. Good, it’s working. A few minutes later he’s scratching harder and not long after that he was scratching both arms and his neck. Shortly afterwards he’s clawing rapidly, gets up, and heads to the restroom at a run.
He saw me snickering a bit at which point it soaked in and his last profanity filled scream was about getting even.

The back and forth continued with him letting the air out of a couple of my tires right before quitting time and my getting even by jacking his FWD car up and placing a couple of blocks underneath to where the front wheels were barely skimming the pavement.
At quitting time he was revving the crap out of his car and looked totally lost as to why it was shaking and not moving…

@db4690‌ @ok4450‌ I read an MSDS of the Permatex GR, (Not from the links above) nothing struck me as harmful to paint (I could be wrong!) The reactivity was I think 0. Easy to test, sounds like I have to go to the store… I’m not sure about RTV here only because of the strength of the seal and how even it is - millions of presses later, it could start to wobble?..

Who said gasket remover - @db4690‌ ? Im-a gonna grab-a your head and give you a big fat kiss on your face MMMUAH!

… ahem - yes, the Permatex gasket remover works. Apply, scrape/rub, go for coffee, repeat. Finished before lunch, even with a trip to the FLAPS. Turns out a metal dental pick - the most bendy/angled one, from Harbor Freight - worked best for pulling the gasket off ; small nylon brush for GR application. Remember, there was an obstruction.

The gasket remover appears safe to my paint. If you work with it long enough, you will learn about the subtle, delightful aroma.


At least you like me . . . that makes one

I wouldn’t know about the “delightful aroma” . . . my sense of smell isn’t that great. At least not anymore. Probably from years of inhaling chemicals at work

Do you have a new gasket? How thick was the old one? If it was very thick, say 1/16" or more, then I would recommend against any type of form a gasket. The gasket may be used for spacing that is critical for the pushrod from the booster to the MC. If this clearance isn’t right, it could lead to other brake problems.

@keith excellent point. I have the proper specified new paper gasket. By eye, 2mm?.. Didn’t bother measuring - it should be fine.