Scion xB - Should I get it?

That’s a good point. Dealers in smaller cities often have cars that big city dealers don’t. I remember that several years ago you couldn’t buy an Odyssey in the Baltimore/Washington area without a 6 or more month wait. Someone I worked with got one immediately, and had a choice of several. He bought it near his MIL’s home in Dayton, OH. Check the Mini web site and see if they have dealers in souther Ohio, WV, Western MD and western PA. Your Clubman might be in Cumberland or Altoona.

Dublin is part of Columbus, Ohio, so it’s in a pretty big neighborhood. There’s one in Cincy and another in Mentor ohio

Go for the tC. there are lots of mods out there for it so you don’t become complacnt with it.

I agree; ugly, and you can’t even make toast in them. The “B” stands for “Box,” and how aerodynamic can it be??? Please don’t put another one on the road… It’s an idea whose time should never have come…

Ah, the “mine’s bigger than yours” 4x4. Designed for invading foreign countries without roads. Designed with complete and total disregard for comfort. Just what the professional man needs.

Thirdly, I just have difficulty dropping over 30K for a car.

Sounds like you know what you are doing, which begs the question why someone who knows exactly what he is doing asks for advice, heh, heh.

Based on this reply, I am convinced it is a good choice. And, since they get good mileage, you may not take a really big hit when you get tired of it.

Even Honda isn’t immune to the boxy fugly look