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Schrader Value

I have a 1993 ford taurus 3.8L V6 automatic GL. Can you tell me where the “schrader value” is located on my car. Also, how do I relieve the fuel pressure from this value? What kind of tool do I use?

It’s actually a “Schrader valve” and it looks like a tire valve stem. You can relieve pressure from the valve the same way you relieve air pressure from a tire. Just have some rags on hand for any fuel that spills and protect your face, etc. I’m not sure where it’s located on that vehicle.

A "Shrader"valve is what holds the pressure in the tires of your car. If you remove the valve cap on one of your tires, you’ll be looking at a “Shrader” valve. So, if you examine the fuel system, and look for a similar valve, you will find it.

Almost any tool will work. I’d use a small screwdriver. Just press the center of the valve, and you will release the pressure.

Look at these drawings of the fuel manifold (fuel rail): This assembly is on top of the engine. Look for the “fuel pressure relief valve”.

If you are relieving fuel pressure to change the fuel filter, I would not bother. I just relieve it as I take the filter off. Just wear eye protection and put a rag around the line and a pan underneath. Not much will come out. You can also pull the fuel pump fuse and start it up.

Schrader Valves are used in various places on a auto. The tire valve stem contains a schrader valve, The air conditioning service port contain schrader valves. I have never seen a schrader valve used in a fuel system, but I suppose it could be.

Ford and GM use them to test the fuel pressure in EFI systems. Ford’s, test valve is smaller than GM’s. Folow the fuel rail all the way around, and look for a metal or plastic cap. This is probably the test valve.

Some Fords do use a schrader but not the 93 Taurus.

The correct fuel system decompression procedure for the 93 Taurus is :

  • Disconnect the inertia switch electrical connector. The inertia switch is about 1.5 inches square and is screwed to the left side of the left storage compartment support near the inner wheel well.

  • Crank the engine for 15 seconds.

  • Reconnect the inertia switch.

Your fuel system is now depressurized.