Save my Jeep!

My Jeep has rust spots on the roof, about the size of a quarter. They’re spreading fairly quickly and I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do except stand by and watch the spread. Does anybody have any suggestions? Is my Jeep doomed?

Rust spots keep falling on my head

What’s the bottom like? If the roof is rusting, have you looked underneath where all the termites hold hands, to see if everything is O K down there?

A “lift kit” would raise the Jeep enough so that only really tall friends could see up there.

Was the roof scratched or chipped by putting something on it? Has it been repainted?
Do you have acid rain or salt air there?

What year vehicle and how many miles on the clock?

I didn’t know that everybody is an amateur click and clack on this thing, what a bunch of wiseguys!
The Jeep is a 2000, and given the climate I live in it’s sure to rust again, but I’m looking to slow the spread. At least on the roof. You see, everyone I know is tall, and we all stare at the roof when we walk up to it.

I had a similar problem on a 1965 Rambler after it had seen 5 or 6 years of service. I had the top repainted. The body man told me that it was caused by the factory applying the paint over the primer coat that hadn’t properly dried. I don’t know what the cost would be today, but I would have it repaired to stop possible rust through.

You can sand down the the rust spots using a fine grade sandpaper. Clean them up to bare metal and wipe them clean with a solvent. Then spray the areas with a rust stop paint. After the paint has cured you may want to clean and wax the top area. Then when you are ready you can have the top repainted by a pro.