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Saturn vue valve stem seals

03 saturn vue 3.0 opel motor. took off springs. pic shows the edge of valve stem but i cant really make out the valve stem seal lip? is the lip gone? this is pic of new valve stem seal. seal is down in deep hole so its hard to easily reach down with tool and pull the seal off. is the stem the inner diameter and the outer diameter is whats left of the seal?. These are 2 separate holes. Both are intake valves. Next to each other.

Looks like the valve seal has disentegrated and that would certainly explain any oil consumption and/or smoke upon startup issues.

Removing them can be a bit of a wrestling match all depending. I have a couple of pairs of homemade needle nose pliers with a couple of half rounds welded onto the end of each jaw. These were used back in the very similar looking problem prone VW valve seal days. Closing the pliers creates a round tube which grasps the valve seal firmly.

Use care tapping the new seals in as it’s very easy to mangle the lips on them. Hope that helps.

seals are actually snug on valve stem. Pic in original thread is top of seal. The 4th pic is just the guide, no seal. Not sure what stepped dia is at bottom of spring hole. Is the valve guide stepped?

got my valves today