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Saturn Oil Life

Saturn sends out a monthly assesment on the oil life of my 2006 Saturn Ion, after 32000 mile it is indicated that theres is 85% oil life since the last change. The dealership stated that 3000 miles is the change rate , which is correct?

How does Saturn send out a monthly assessment on you oil life? Is this an On Star feature? The dealership wants you in for an oil change to see if they can provide other services.

Without an Oil Life Monitor, the interval, iirc, would be 7500/6 months …or 3k/3m for severe. You obviously have an OLM, so you’re at 85% at the time of the notification.

The OLM is very accurate.

What does your manual specify? The dealership wants more money and if after 3200 miles there is 85% “oil life” left then you can go at least to 5000 miles, which is what most do.

Thanks a lot.

Unlike many other people I don’t trust the oil life system. But these days 3K is probably too conservative. Just so you know, just about every single shop that changes oil will give you a 3K mile interval. It is a way of keeping business flowing and getting people in for more services beyond oil changes. You can just follow the oil life thing. But my own preference is to never go past 5K miles on the same oil no matter what the computer says.

I would be conservative and change the oil when the monitor drops to 50%.