Saturn L200 AC Compressor locked up!



Hello Folks,

I drive a 2001 Saturn L200, it has done about 145,000 miles. It runs smoothly, returns great gas mileage.

Two days ago I ran into some trouble with the car. I was driving home from work and the car stalled at an intersection. I tried restarting the car and it would run only at high throttle and would stall when the I ease the gas pedal.

Long story short I had the car towed to a Firestone. They did a diagnostics and said that the AC compressor had locked up and had to be replaced. The cost quoted was nearly $1200.

On further query the mechanics said that I could drive the car without replacing the AC Compressor as long as I don’t use the “AC and Defrost”.

I didn’t order the repair and drove the car home (2 miles). I have two questions.

1. Is it safe to drive the car given the fact that the AC Compressor has locked up? I will not use the AC or the Defrost.

2. How much longer can I continue to drive the car without replacing the compressor? Right now it is winter and I don’t need the ac for the next 2-3 months.

Any responses will be appreciated.

Thanks to all of you in advance.


Unplug the compressor and you can use any function on the mode control you want, including A/C and DEF.
I don’t know why they just didn’t unplug it for you and if A/C is not a necessity you can drive the car until it’s demise if you want to.


I concur with ok. They should have disconnected the compressor for you. If you “accidently” turned on the defroster the AC could have kicked in and ripped the serpentine belt to shreds at highway speeds.