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Saturn L200 2001 autmoaticTransmission Problems

We have had our Saturn for about 4 years now with no issues. The following happened twice so far, one time last fall on a very hot day and one time this spring, again on a hot day.

Otherwise the car is having no problems.

I will be driving along, come to a full stop and then lose power when trying to accelerate again, I can accelerate a little but it is as if I am in neutral. After stopping and then starting the car again I can accelerate but automatic gear shifting is jerky for a few minutes. Then the car drives fine and no more issues for for the last 4 days. Last fall same thing, hot day, air conditioner on, problem last for a few minutes then car starts operating normally again.

Today I looked at the muffler and there is a small hole in it, it looks like it has rusted through.

Does anyone have an idea of what could be going on?

extra info: 103,000 miles, changed transmission fluid at 50,000 and according to maintenance needs new transmission fluid at 100,000 which I have not done.

I cannot check the fluid levels on this model since there is no dip stick. According to the mechanic you can only check the fluid by changing it.

Thanks in advance for any advice!


Well not much advice to be found here. (-: I will post my solution here:

Correction: when I lost power, and tried to accelerator it was not as if I was in neutral, nothing would happen… no response from from the accelerator pedal.

I have been able to get this issue fixed.
I think it was a bad TPS. I replaced this as well as had the transmission flushed, radiator fluid flushed and fuel filter replaced (all needed maintenance) and have not had the issues occur again.