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Saturn Ion would start, sometimes

Hi guys,I have a 2004 saturn Ion, 5 speed manual. Sometimes it doesn?t start. At first, I would get a jump and sometimes that would work and other times not. What I eventually discovered was if I wait, oh say, 10 ? 15 minutes. It would start, and it starts quickly as if it didn?t even know it hadn?t started 10 minutes ago,I wouldn?t even need a jump. With no clicks or ticks, it starts. This use to happen once every couple weeks with no apparent pattern. I had the battery checked, and I was told it was ok. A couple weeks ago, it did it again. I had gone to the store, and when I was ready to leave, it didn?t want to start. I waited and it still didn?t want to start. I tried my ?waiting trick? several times and nothing, after about 45 minutes, I figured this was it, it wasn?t going to cooperate. So I called AAA. Guy tells me my battery is swollen and has to be replaced ?ok done, and off I go.

Well? It did it AGAIN! So I did my wait trick again and it worked. Why is this happening? Hope to hear from yas,


Assuming that “doesn’t start” means that you turn the key and nothing happens, have a shop check your neutral safety switch. On a manual transmission its not so much a “neutral” safety switch, but anyway - there is a switch under the clutch and it won’t let the car start if the clutch isn’t depressed. If the switch is failing it may be getting intermittent contact.