Saturn Ion Not starting Cold Weather

Ok so this isnt actually a question but an answer since theres a billion questions already posted about this (one being mine) and I cant respond to them all with what I figured out. I have a saturn Ion 2003 and in cold or windy weather my car wouldnt start right away. Itd turn over, try really hard to get going, and then just DIE. Id go through this maybe start no wait not start for around a half hour in the morning before itd finally stay on and I could go to work. Got to the point where Id be serving the kids breakfast in the car because I knew we’d have to sit there awhile before I could go to work.
ANYHOO I found this video and made the repair myself for about $30 bucks and what do you know- no more problems!!!

The dealership wanted to charge me $225 for a diagnosis, then wouldnt start a possible repair until I had it serviced with them at $300. The guy dropped a hint that it may be the starter at around $400 and it was a common problem/repair they’ve been doing on that model. Basically jerk knew what was up and wanted to soak a single mother of three because hes that kind of wonderful human being. I ALMOST risked eviction because of partial rent pay to take care of my “starter” but ran across this video before shelling out the bucks.
Have this problem? REPAIR THE IGNITION SWITCH FIRST BEFORE GOING ANYWHERE!! Oh and fyi buy a switch not made by saturn, a friend of mine did the same repair but got her part at the dealership and still had issues that resolved themselves after repeating same repair with part from autozone. Apparently they sold her a switch manufactured the same year as the problem part. Same switch, same problem.