Saturn Block gasket leak

My 2002 Saturn LW2 has a sectioned block with a gasket seperating two sections of the block. This gasket leaks oil. Is there any way to seal the leak without dropping the pan and lower section of the block?

I’m not a Saturn guy and have never done one but based on mechanical principles I’d say no way could this be done without separating the sections.

Have you checked the PCV valve? If not, that’s something for consideration as a clogged PCV can pressure up the crankcase and cause leaks where there normally might not be a leak. The PCV is easy to check and dirt cheap to replace if need be.

If the PCV is good and the block is leaking due to a faulty gasket you could always try a backyard method.
Clean the area thoroughly with aerosol carburetor cleaner and allow it to dry.
Daub some sealer on there, allow it to dry overnight, and see if that will hold it. I’d think if the crankcase is not pressuring up due to the PCV then there’s at least a chance some sealer could stop the leak.

Thanks, I’ll try both.