Saturn Astra transmission

I’ve had this used for just a couple of months, it’s manual transmission and today the gears stopped working. I have taken it to a transmission specialist and want to know, if I do need to repair/replace the transmission, how much is reasonable? I’m in N. California if that makes any difference and the caronly has 59000 miles on it.

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Manual Transmission
59,000 Miles

Model-Year ?

You’d get more meaningful information if you’d find out what is wrong, first.

" . . . today the gears stopped working. "

That description is too vague. This problem could be caused by many things, simple linkage problem, clutch problem, internal transmission problem, etcetera.

Tell us the model-year and have it looked at to determine what it needs then post it.

For now, perhaps you could give a little better description of symtoms leading up to and including " . . . today the gears stopped working. "


That means the car does not move. I think.

ok, it’s 2008 the only year they were produced here. I changed gear and got no response. No loud noises, possibly almost imperceptible feeling of something giving in the gear stick but nothing with the clutch. Tried changing gears to see if anything would ‘bite’ but nothing and coasted to a stop.

I am having it looked at - got towed immediately to transmission specialists. The transmission is apparently self-contained so cannot be taken apart so they will change the clutch, see if that works, and if not, change the transmision. They have said either the cables are fine, or it does not have cables! They can see no other obvious causes.

Enough info? I know nothing about cars which is why I posted here so perhaps you could try to be a little less condescending in your comments. Thanks.