Saab stories

Is anyone else having trouble with their Saab? I bought a NEW saab on 2/28/09 and have been inconvenience 6 times in 9 months. Here is the history.

941 miles - towed for dead battery/main switch

1200 miles - flat tire

8838 miles - coolant leak warning light (recalled)

9028 miles - defective part replaced (vent knob fell off)

9304 miles - towed for engine failure (Thanksgiving)

9387 miles - towed for stability control failure

My dealer (Moore Family of Dealerships of Richmond, VA) wouldn’t help me because most of the major problems happened when I was out of town visiting family/friends on holidays. I contacted Saab Customer assistance to negotiate a way to get rid of this car. After 6 phone calls and 2 faxes (service records)…they finally made me an offer!

Their offer was “extend my onstar subscription” - what a joke!

I started a facebook group for those with similar issues.


Have you checked your state’s Lemon Laws?
I confess that I was unable t find any for VA on the internet, but an attorney should be able to help.

Is it painted lemon-lime ? Sorry, bad joke.
Sorry to hear about your problems. I believe that in every car maker/model there is one that makes the engineers to scratch their heads.
Please read this page: it may help you to start your process. Specially this: “In Virginia, the manufacturer, not the dealership, must placed on written notice of the problem within the first 18 months of the warranty first going into effect with the first owner of the vehicle. (See Instructions on How to Give Notice to the Manufacturer.) A lawsuit must be filed within the 18-month period and the problem has to exist when you file suit. However, if you have filed for arbitration prior to this 18-month period expiring, then your deadline to file suit is extended by 12 months from the date of any decision by the arbitrator.” and also this:“You do not have to purchase the vehicle in Virginia in order to apply the Virginia Lemon Law. But, if is was not purchased in Virginia, you must have the majority of the repair work done in Virginia in order to apply the Virginia Lemon Law.”.
Good luck.

Flat tire is self inflicted(look in mirror) and not a problem of Saab.

The rest are annoying. Let Saab fix them and give you a loaner(most dealers do).

I seriously doubt Saab will let you return this as they appear to be addressing all your problems and they are not repeating. Saab is a dead brand and has a hard enough time selling their cars on the lot. Taking them back is not in GM’s interest.

I’d be frustrated too with three tows, but your failures are rarer for any brand.

Personally given your grief I would ask Saab for the best GM backed extended warranty. It does not cost them much, helps if issues arises latter and is a compromise.