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RV or Van rental

We have 3-4 couples planning to drive from NJ to Iowa (with 3-4 tandem bicycles, etc.) and return a week later. Looking for (frugal) ideas for rental van to drive straight through. Any suggestions?

Tandem bikes? That complicates things. How about a minivan plus a Uhaul box truck?

I would rent a full-sized passenger van and a U-Haul Trailer.

Yeah, we’re kinda thinking the same thing. We don’t want to pay for the rentals all week since we wont be using it. We’re actually starting from one end of Iowa and bicycling across. We’re hoping to get a rental we caould drop off and then pick up another one rental for trip back home. Logistics are a little tough on this one!

Check out all your options. Sometimes you’ll be surprised at the cost for ‘one-way’ rentals, compared to keeping it for the week.

We’ll do that, thanks!

if you can find a 12 or 15 passenger van for rent, you could remove the rear seats and just put the bikes in the back, there would be plenty of room for…oh wait 3 or 4 couples, that makes it eight people…well, not sure if my idea works now…and it would be tough to find one of those vans for rent anyhow…

what vehicles are available within your group?
if someone already has a minivan, they can transport passengers and someone else could drive the smallest box truck (or maybe even just a cargo van) with all the bikes and gear in it.

Mini-RAGBRAI? :wink: