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Rusting catalytic converters

I have some rust building on the heat shield of my cats on my 2001 Nissan Frontier… I had a weld done to keep it from rattling after replacing the OEM muffler. It there anything I can put on it to retard the rusting process on the shield and will that affect my emissions?

You might try VHT (Very High Temperature) paint. But it probably won’t last long. Not only because of the heat, but also because of the road debris the heat shield is exposed to.

I wouldn’t worry about the heat shield rusting. This happens to all vehicles eventually.


If the heat shield could be welded back on, it wasn’t too rusty. I have bought long hose clamps to hold a rattling shield on. If there isn’t one long enough, I would connect two together. New shields can be ordered and welded on.

The heat shield has no affect on emissions at all. It’s just a heat shield.

Great answers… Thanks…