Rust! On my Kia

Any idea how to get rid of this?

Anyone had past experience in rust treatment

The paint has been scraped off down to bare metal.

It needs to be sanded down the bare metal to remove the rust, spray on a primer/surfacer/sealer, base coat, and then the clear coat.

Or in other words, take it to a body shop.



Looks like some body damage, either a parking lot sideswipe or road debris kicking up… Take it to a body shop for an estimate, or cover it yourself.

Since you are asking I assume you have no experience with body work. If you do not care how it looks , do it yourself, enough to stop the rust.

Get sand paper and remove all traces of rust and loose pant. Following instructions on the spray paint can, spray primer on the area. Than get matching paint and paint over.

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One of the better products I’ve found is Rust Mort available from Summit Racing and maybe others but hard to find now. It dissolves the rust so that you then can prime and paint it. DuPont also used to have an acid based rust remover that does/did the same thing. I just haven’t found the WM type products very effective except they supposedly put a black/conversion coating on it. Whether grinding or acid removal, or if you have a sand blaster, you have to remove the rust before painting. Or yeah see a body shop.