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Rust on disc brakes

Hi there. I’m currently looking to buy a used car but am pretty inexperienced when it comes to checking for potential issues. I’m close to making an offer for a 2015 fiesta which seems to be in pretty good condition but was a little concerned to see the brake discs seeming a little rusty. I was assured that this was totally normal and may potentially fall away with frequent use, but I’m not sure how likely this is in reality. I have uploaded some images and would ask if this seems acceptable for a car 5 years old. Any comments would be appreciated!

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That looks like a rear drum brake. Moderately rusty.
I wonder what else is rusty.
Your best bet is to arrange to have a mechanic inspect the car.


Not a brake disc, this is a picture of the brake drum on the rear of the car. Perfectly.normal.

Don’t buy a used car blind. You admitted you din’t know anything about cars and this is proof. Please take the car to your mechanic, not the dealer’s for a pre purchase inspection. Best $100 or so you will ever spend.


Yeah, that makes sense. Not sure if possible but will check with the dealer. Thanks

If the dealer won’t let you inspect it…walk away… find another car at another dealer.


Good advice – will take it

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What Mustangman said . To begin with Fiestas have less than a stellar reliability history .