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Rust Lug Nut Question


So, we ended up trading in our Subaru for a 2017 Kia Sportage EX. So far we love it, but at 850 miles, I noticed today that there is rust on one of the lug nuts. I am guessing this is due to the winter salt since I have had it a few months.

My question is, what do these factory lug nuts usually cost? Also, would this be covered under the factory warranty?

Last, why do some get rust and others don’t? Is there anything that can be done to prevent it that will hold up in the harsh winter months and thru car washes? Vasoline, WD-40, etc?

Thanks for all of your help in advance!

Clean it up and ignore it…or paint or replace all or one lug nut. Not sure if your lug nuts have chrome caps or not…but these caps can fall off exposing the raw steel lug nut underneath. Sometimes the chrome on these caps has micro cracks in it and allow rust to form and present itself

Or…someone may have put a lug nut on the vehicle that didnt originally come with it and it rusts?

None of these situations are cause for much concern. Just buy a shiny new set…or grab one that suits the vehicle that isnt rusty.


Agree with Blackbird. Another reason for rusty lugnuts is the use of the air wrench. One little slip and the wrench will slip on the nut and cause it to rust in short order.

What do these factory lug nuts cost? Is that not a question for the dealer that sells them ? Under warranty, I seriously doubt it and any parts house will have sets you can purchase.

Can you post a photo?
Surface rust would be normal.
And I would not let anybody touch a brand new car except the dealer. If any other shop were to press out and replace the lugs with the wrong ones and they were to break and allow the car to crash the manufacturer would almost certainly deny warranty coverage.

lug NUTS, @the same mountainbike not studs but I agree with your comments!

Lug nuts are cheap, $2 to $10 apiece depending on whether you get them from the dealer or aftermarket. Chrome plated lug nuts are tough to keep from rusting, long term. Manufacturers often use stainless steel caps that are formed over the actual lug nut. They don’t rust but can get damaged with air-wrenches.

Oops. My error. Fortunately for me, it doesn’t change my points. :smile:

Rust on lug nuts is one reason I prefer steel rims. The more swapping of wheel positions (for evening out tire wear, or for seasonal tire/wheel changes), the more the chrome gets cracked, and the more rust develops. It’s unsightly and detracts from an otherwise well-cared-for car. Plastic wheel covers hide the offending rust knobs.