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Running too high rpms

I just bought a 2009 Acura TSX. I know its technically not a sports car…I’m not someone who really pushes a car anyways, but the RPMs just seemed too high on this brand new car. I drive my wife’s Honda Pilot and on the highway at 85mph the Pilot is barely pushing under 3,000 RPM but with my Acura TSX at just 75mph I’m at 3,300 or more RPMS. is this rigth?? Thanks!!

The Honda Pilot has a V-6 of ~ 250 hp.
Your TSX has a 4-cylinder engine with ~ 200 hp.

Based on these significant differences, I would say that the RPM differences sound about right.
I would also say that you should slow down.

thanks - yeah, like I said, i don’t normally drive fast, but testing out the new car. I think you’re right about the differences in the cars, but the Pilot is also a much bigger and heavier car.

I just want to make sure the Acura isn’t a lemon. I had a Honda Accord before it and it was 160 horsepower 4 cylinder and it didn’t seem to work as hard as the Acura TSX.

3,300 rpm at 75 mph sounds about right for a TSX. My Acura CL turns similar revs at that speed.

You bought a sport sedan. High rpm is part of the package.

You can’t compare a TSX with a Pilot. Apples and oranges.

makes sense then. As long as its “ok” for it to be more revy than I’m ok. If the car is designed to run like that then its fine, it just felt like it was working too hard. Thanks for the feedback.