Running poorly

How do you test to see if you coil pack is getting a signal and how do you test a coil pack to see if it firing?

Shirly you may have a check engine light on, get the codes read if so. If not let us know.

codes were read and had misses on 1,2,&,4 replaced coil packs and still is running poor. I now have a new code probably misfire again. Just talked to a friend and he is going to get me his scanner so I dont have to keep going to the parts store. He did mention something about a sensor on the top of the engine that will cause several misfires???

I can give you a list of the codes if you would like,

please do

the codes i got off my truck so far are as follows PO500 speed sensor,PO302 mis cyl#2,PO121 TPS replaced it,PO300 multi cyl misfire,PO301 mis cyl#1,PO304 mis cyl#4,PO172 fuel trim to rich bank #1