Running on 5 out of 6 cylinders

Took my 98 caravan in was told it would coust about $1100 to fix, to much to pay for a van with 190000 miles. They said it would be ok to drive it, would it be ok the drive it on vacation about 1800 miles.

Why is it only running on 5 cylinders? Is one cylinder dead due to lack of compression? If so, don’t you think the other cylinders are not far behind? Count on a damaged engine to hold for a 3600 mile round trip? I would not take that bet.

Something is not adding up here. If it needs to be fixed, then it’s not OK to drive. If it’s OK to drive, then whatever is wrong with it can’t be very serious.

Which is it?

I’m not 100% sure either. I was told it had a bent valve and is running on only 5 cylinders. It does have a tick noise but to get in and change it will cost over a grand. The mechanic told mom it would be ok to drive. It drives smoth starts fine just ticks. Driving around home is ok with me cause Im with in family and friend. but to get 800 miles away well thats my question what do youall think.

Mrs. Tattwo

Based on your last post tattwo, I think the car is running on all six, but there is something like a sticking lifter causing the tick. If the engine is running smoothly and is not missing, all six cylinders are working. Can’t say whether you can take it on a long trip; whatever is making the ticking sound is only going to get worse. The question is how long it takes.

It wouldn’t run smoothly if it was only running on 5 cylinders, so they are lying or you are somehow misunderstanding the diagnosis.

The 3.0L V6 used in this van has a tendency to develop valvetrain tapping as they get up in mileage. This is usually harmless.

Thanks all-it does run basiclly smooth, think i will put an emergency road servie that covers rental cars and give it a shot-If I blow it up then I buy a new one lol.

Thanks again.