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Running Hot

I have a Dodge 1500 QuadCab with a 4.7, 2002. It is my second car and sits for a week or so bewteen drives. Yesterday, it wouldn’t start so I jumped it and now the head lights stay on all the time whether the switch is one or not. I tried disconnecting the battery, but that didn’t work. Any ideas?

I think you are smoking something not legal.

Headlight relay. Check your owner’s manual for location (in the fusebox).

I think oldtimer_11 is feeling punchy this evening. But I’m not so inclined to disagree. If you disconnect your battery and your headlights stay on then you should name it Christine and maybe figure out how to get away from it alive.

Or if you mean that you disconnected the battery and then reconnected it and the headlights stay on whenever the battery is connected, then you should check you headlight switch.