Running an Acura MDX on regular gas



My husband wants to run an Acura MDX on regular gas instead of premium. Will this damage the engine in any way?


Read the owner’s manual. If it says ‘Premium Required’, using a lower grade may damage the engine and will void the warranty. If it says ‘Premium Recommended’, then the engine can compensate for lower grades of fuel without damage, but you will sacrifice fuel economy and power.


Thanks for the info!


The car maker’s engineers chose the recommended octane fuel (“gas”) based upon the design and performance of the engine. I don’t presume to be able to choose a “better”, or “lesser” octane, than the designers. Someone else can presume, if they wish. Whatever the result of that decision is on them.


If engine requires premium, the answer is maybe or maybe not.

I don’t think there is any blanket statement for all cars unfortunately, it is engine and application specific unfortunately.


The owner’s manual for some years of the MDX says that continued use of regular gas may cause engine damage. Does your manual say this? If not, tell us exactly what it does say and we can give you better help.