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Rpm,speed and fuel gauges not working

Has anymore ever experienced a problem where after turning the car key your rpm,speed and fuel gauges will turn all the way to the right side and just stay there,this happend after my battery died but after changing it the problem stayed, the car seems to run and drive properly except that the gauges wont move.
2012 Chrysler town and country

Read this.

There may be some reprogramming required by the dealer.


The gauges stoped working in the moment when my battery died, so the change of battery it couldn’t caused it

That is an occasional problem that occurs with a dead battery.

The instrument cluster self test will actuate the gauges, after the test is complete the gauge needles will return to the left.

With the ignition off press and hold the vehicle information center menu down scroll button, switch the ignition to the “run” position but do not start the engine. Release the menu down scroll button and wait for the self test to be completed.

I just did the self test and that didn’t work aswell. Any other ideas?

The gauges should sweep to their calibration points and the LCD segments should illuminate in a series of displays, if you did not witness that you may not have entered the self test.

The gauges did sweep to their calibration points(except the rpm needle)and the LCD segments did illuminate in a series of displays. The rpm needle is the only one that didn’t move, and the fuel needle did calibrate but it came back to its position to the right,in the same position as the rpm needle. The speed gauge only goes crazy all the way right , only when i go faster then 45mph(goes to 45 and then suddenly jumps to 120 mph and stays there)

Sounds like the instrument cluster failed, were there any fault codes displayed at the end of the test?

No fault codes either and i also tried with a 30$ code reader to get anywhere but it didn’t showed codes on that either.


The TIPM took a crap?


I doubt thats the problem cuz it stats the following as regular symptoms and i’m not experiencing any of them

Typical symptoms of a TIPM failure
The fuel pump not turning off and burning out
The airbags not deploying OR deploying randomly
The engine stalling while driving
The starter cranks but won’t start
The horn going off at random times
Power windows not working
Doors locking or unlocking themselves