Rpm seem ok?

Rental car is 1800 rpm at 78? Seems like Bonnevelle gears

Looks like a non-problem to me. My 2013 Camry is only at 2000 at a little over 70. My 2002 Camry was at 2200 at 60. Different trans, different gearing. Just have some tall gearing that’s all.

I don’t think my 3.42:1 equipped truck is turning much more rpm at that speed. There are gear ratio calculators on the web where you can calculate ratio by inputting mph and rpm.

But what did you rent, and we need a review.

Think… Overdrive, and maybe the top 2 gears are overdrive.

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That looks like 76 to me.

its a 2019 altima. didnt catch trim level
if it had 26" tires than the diff ratio is 1.83. using my calc chart
typ OD is 30% but i dont know what it really has

Got me curious, I’m turning 2200 at that speed in my 6 cylinder Mustang.

i think my civic which has a cvt is at 1750 at 60mph?

Trick question. That car has a CVT.

I read an article in FLYING magazine where a pilot with a big engine in an airplane got better fuel economy by trimming the propeller speed to 1200 rpm and throttle wide open.