Rover will go back but not front

From almost the day I purchased this Land Rover Discovery I have had a problem going forward. You can imagine other motorist seeing me going down the interstate backwards! The Rover will sometimes straighten itself out if I go back a little. I thought the problem may be in the front axel so I took off the drive train to this axel. No luck. ANY THOUGHTS, My Friends.

Before anyone responds in substance, please tell us if you were serious when you said, “You can imagine other motorist seeing me going down the interstate backwards!”

OK…I was trying, in the click and clak tradition, to be a comedian…I do not go down and road backwards. The Rover would work very well if I did though! It seems like the Rover gets hung up on the forward leaning gears or perhaps the ABS brakes…Thank you for your ideas!

I’m honestly not sure I even understand what the exact problem is.

We need a more exact description of what you actually did. On a Model T you could flip the rear drive ring gear over and the car would go backwards faster than forward. It seems a less than competent mechanic worked on your car before you bought it. Removing the front drive without having a real reason to do so, is counter-productive; suggest you do no more work yourself and find a mechanic willing and ABLE to actually diagnose what your problem is.

I did take it to a friend who runs a local National Trany franchise. He has 20yrs. experience and he says he has never seen anything like this. He thinks it may be something with the ABS or the feature that holds the Rover to a steep hill until it moves forward. I then thought that maybe the issue could be in the 4x4 system and more specifically in the front axel. (You will be happy to know that I am not dumb enough to remove the brakes and then run backward down the Interstate!)That is why I took off the portion of the drive train that connects with the axel. It will be easy for me to replace these eight bolts and take the Rover to another mechanic per your instruction. Of course, I would like to know what the actual problem may be. Thank you, again, for your assistance. Peter

The problem is completely crazy and wild. I’ll be sitting at a stop light in my little mountain town and after the light turns green, the Rover tries to go forward but the brakes or trany will not it. Most of the time that I keep the vehicle in neutral the Rover will decide to go. If it doesn’t then I need to wave people around me and then go back about ten feet and then proceed. Everytime I encounter a red light I get very sad and nervous. Thank you sooooo much.

Now that you tell us that the vehicle has a “hill holder” feature, it certainly sounds like a problem with that mechanism. Unfortunately, you may have to go to a Rover specialist in order to figure this out.

Peteskier- what state do you live in?


pull codes from all systems.’

post back.

Thank you…I will do this and let you know if how it turns out.


He is referring to trouble codes that might have been stored by the vehicle’s OBD system. If the CEL is illuminated (or was illuminated), there is a chance that a scan of the system will reveal some stored trouble codes. However, if my theory is correct that the “hill holder” feature is the culprit, it is very unlikely that there would be any stored trouble codes.