Rough Idle on 95 Infiniti J30

The engine was running well until I was at the airport looking for a parking space at Christmas. It was a dark and stormy morning. There was a sudden whump! … all the dash lights came on, and there was a whap, whap, whap for about a half mile until I found a parking place. Had to catch a plane, so didn’t check until I got back to town. As I suspected, the alternator belt was gone, and the a/c belt was shredding. I replaced all 3 belts, which is not a pleasant job in a parking lot. But the charge light glowed faintly, and the car died as I found an emergency parking place after about 20 miles. It was running really rough. Came back the next day with a charged battery and got it home. The charge light went from glow to no light in about 4 miles and hasn’t come back on since. But it still runs really rough, particularly at idle. I can’t find any loose vacuum hoses or wire connections. I assume shards of belt took something out, but can’t find anything. Why did the charging problem go away and why is it suddenly running so bad? Suggestions? (The car is maroon.)