Rough idle/ engine bog


I have a 96 s10 2.2l w/162k highway miles and 1 week after replacing plugs with the wrong type and 2 days after plug wire change. the engine suddenly bogged down. I replaced fuel filter, fuel pressure is good. The engine has a strong gas smell. When a vacuum gauge was applied it stayed at about the 8-9 o’clock position and never waivered during throttling and held position when engine was shut off. Air intake is clear. No codes on hand held reader. Could useing the wrong plugs for about 7 days have compromised the coils? The truck starts quickly but bogs at near top of petal and engine has rough idle w/ a lower pitch. Any help appreciated.


2 questions: what do you mean by ‘wrong plugs’, exactly? And what was the vacuum reading (in hg)?


vacuum at 14 and the parts store gave me plugs that I think were for a 6cyl(part # r44ltsm6) and I should have gotten 41-928. I have put in the right plugs but nothing has changed.