Rough AT down-shifting in a 2007 acura tl

when i’m driving in the city, and my automatic transmission downshifts from 2nd to 1st, it seems like the RPMs are too high and the car sort of lurches and slows down. has anyone seen this problem before? i don’t want to go to a mechanic and have them do an inspection for nothing?

How many miles do you have on the odometer?
Is the Powertrain Warranty still in effect?

47k miles. and yes, the warranty is still in effect.

In that case, just take it to the dealer for evaluation. If it needs repair, it will be without charge.

Bear in mind that even if you supply a diagnosis to the dealership, it will be ignored–as it should be. Dealerships and regular mechanics would waste an incredible amount of time in many cases if they acted on the basis of customer diagnoses, and thus they will go through a standardized diagnostic protocol in order to determine if there is a problem.

Think about it–if you tell them that X is the problem, and that turns out to not be the case, who do you think will pay for the shop time and the part(s)? It certainly wouldn’t be Volvo.