Rotor loose

when rotate tire, it tight too much and make rotor loose, when drive, you can hear the noise coming out of wheel

how can i tiht up the loose rotor

I am going to guess you may have unevenly or improperly tightened the lug nuts. That could have warped the rotor and make you think it is loose.

Many rotors are just held in place by the wheel. So if the wheel isn’t secure then rotor isn’t secure.

does this happen when you are driving, even if you do NOT use the brakes?

if so, you probably have a bad wheel bearing.

a bad wheel bearing will make the noise too. it is sometimes confusing when this noise is hard to pinpoint.

by any chance did you have this noise before you rotated the tires?

first, make sure you have tightened the lug nuts properly.

second, if the brake caliper bolts are tight, then the only other wobble would be the wheel bearing.