Rotate New Tires To Rear?

I recently had to replace my front two tires as they were work so low the belting was coming out (oops). I drive a 1999 Nissan Altima FWD.

My rear two tires were purchased less than a year ago and haven’t been rotated since I bought them. My concern is that when I had the tires replaced, the repair shop put the new tires on the rear and the old tires on the front.

It seems to me that since the front tires will wear faster, putting the new tires on the front will create a more even distribution of wear between the front and rear tires. When questioning the Tech he said it was company policy to put the new tires on the rear.

Should I take it somewhere else to have them rotatated or is this actually the appropriate way to replace tires in pairs?

They were correct, this reduces the tendency to spin in the wet.

This has been discussed here repeatedly. Please search for the previous discussions. The summary is that a car losing traction in the front is much easier to control than a car losing traction in the rear, so you want the better tires in the back to avoid a spin and a likely crash. That’s why it’s the policy of practically all tire shops.

If even distribution of wear is a concern, you should have been rotating your tires from the start to avoid this situation.