Rope starting a Camaro

Can I rope start my 2010 Camaro, as the people in last weeks puzzler did? Does positraction make it impossible

well, if you’re really strong, it’s not impossible, but you’d better be fast and go from 0 to started in the time it takes the car to fall off the jack. :wink:


What is rope starting?

You mean PULL START…AS in LAWNMOWER? Sure if you were REALLY strong AND had a good winding point for the rope and the ignition was on and timing was correct…batt charged etc… It would have to be a running vehicle with no issues and then you do your pull start experiment…God forbid if you had anything amiss…AND you were somehow strong enough to pul the rope and you had HUGE LONG arms to get the 8ft of rope windings to do their job…so sure… But there are way too many IF in this answer I think… Don you?

But in theory…sure you could.

the theory is that the rope is wrapped around one of the drive wheels, which is jacked off the ground. The large circumference of the wheel adds to the mechanical advantage and lets you start it easier.

Other than that, yeah, you’re right. Even if it worked, it would be a really stupid and dangerous way to start a car.

A Frayed Knot

There is another post about a person that wants to put a Honda Goldwing motorcycle engine in a Subaru Justy. I assume that this person will incorporate a kick starter to save weight.
Since you want to rope start your Camaro, why not do an engine swap for a Briggs and Stratton engine with a recoil starter?

I’ve seen push mowers in the big box stores with electric starting while starting these engines is just as easily accomplished with a rope. Now you have an electric starting Camaro and you want to rope start the engine. I think the positration rear end will cause you problems unless you get both wheels off the ground.