Rolls Royce air conditioning problem

I own a 1988 Silver Spur with 160,000 sweet miles. Last year I had the Rolls dealer install a new compressor and some other minor components. Since the change over every time the car would be parked in the sun the AC never recovers and only blows tepid air.

The freon also leaks out every 6 weeks or so. The Rolls people re charge with freon and adjust but the problem of cool air not recovering and freon leaking keeps repeating.

Any mavens out there that can help …

Your vehicle originally had an R12 refrigerant. Has the system been converted to R134a?


Ah, so you posted again-good to see. Looks like I guessed correctly on the vehicle in question. It sounds like someone performed a conversion to R-134 incorrectly. There should be ZERO leaks. If there are leaks this is the responsibility of the shop to do the repairs correctly at their own cost. How experienced is this Rolls dealer, or is this a “We sell Ferrari/Rolls/Lamborghini/Aston/Alfa” kinda place?