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Roller Lifter Puzzlement

On overhead valve pushrod engines with roller cams, what’s the purpose of that bent bar that appears purposed to hold the two roller-lifters together as a pair? I thought lifters were individual items, not held together in pairs. Or have lifters, roller or otherwise, always been connected in pairs like that?

Roller lifters have to stay in alignment, that’s what the bar is for. Regular lifters rotate.


+1 to @texases rotating about the cam follower on roller lifters is a baaad thing! The tie-bar is a must.

OK, I see what you mean. Yes, roller-lifters are not as symmetrical as cylinder-shaped normal lifters. The little wheel on roller-lifters has to be pointed in the same direction as the cam lobe is moving past it. Otherwise, well I wouldn’t even want to think about what would happen, it would definitely be bad … lol. … Thanks for the explanation!

Another method used (by GM) is to use a lifter that has two flat sides on the upper end of the lifter which rides in a composite guide with corresponding flat sides

to keep the lifter oriented properly.

The first example is the retro-fit roller lifter for classic engines. Most factory engines that began using roller lifters in the eighties use guide plates for lifters like the one above.

Irrelevant to the question, which has already been beautifully answered by other posters, but I had to laugh when I saw that the Jegs catalog said “Mechanical Servere Duty”. I guess the proofreader was off that day. :grin:

+1 to TSM … not a day goes by that I don’t see an example of that in “print”. You’d THINK spell-checker would solve that problem but nooooo! :wink:

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