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Road Rage in China

These road warriors are just out of their minds.

Ah, the Battle of the Titans!
Man, someone’s boss is going to be PXXXED!!!
My mind shudders when I think of the value of the damages they might have done.

I smell a reality TV concept…

Jousting for the 21st century!

How about that guy at the end jumping on the side of one of them. Must have a death wish.

Some may remember that guy back in the 80s in San Diego I think it was that stole a tank and went on a rampage. I think he ended up high centered and then shot to death by the police.

I remember that. He finally got hung up on a Jersey barrier. Thank God nobody was killed.

Here’s that guy in the stolen tank.

Probably the luckiest person on the face of the Earth is whoever is driving the white pickup at about 1:30 after the tank smashes the RV.

Yeah, that’s the guy. That was one sick dude.

Even high centered at a stop he was still trying to run amok. I believe the cops got the hatch open and had to shoot him to get him to stop.

Thankfully this guy did not plow through a mall or school.

As for those loaders in China, a pretty volatile bunch.

I was thinking of the movie Tank, with James Garner where he destroyed the local jail and police station. Maybe that was the inspiration for this guy. Thing is those things gotta burn a ton of fuel so can’t believe the range is that great.

We don’t need no stinkin’ battlebots when we have lunatic loaders.

Apparently there was an ongoing feud about a contract. Still, that is way over the line.

Hmmm… Do you think we should reconsider moving to China? I think I’ll go ahead with my plans - to avoid the place entirely.