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Rip off hourly labor charge!

How do you think overing charging by a dealership should be handled? My daughter’s car was to have some general maintence, and the service rep called at 3pm to tell her what needed to be done. When she went to pick up the car in two hours ( 5 PM) she was charged $300 an hour for labor. She was in total shock the bill was over $1100 for 2 hours of work.

Her boyfriend went in the next morning and questioned the labor charges, the service rep called him, his dad, and my husband liars that we didn’t know we were talking about concerning in the charges. I called an talked to the service rep too. I questioned her about the $300 an hour labor rate. Her reply was that is what it is—and there is anything you can to do about it. Please help us with this rip off Gray-Daniels Nissan Dealership in Jackson, Ms.

The dealers have a guide with a time allowance for each type of work. If they can do the work in less than the guide time that’s more profit for them.

Wasn’t there an estimate? That would prevent ugly surprises.

If more than one tech worked on the car at the same time then that’s more than 2 man-hours of work.

The dealership should have posted shop rates at the entrance. Our Ford dealer, gallup nm, $68.00 hr. A ford dealer, Olymipa wa, $99.00 hr. Location and brand have a lot to do with the differences ( just try L.A. calif ) but $300.00 ?
Shops use a flat rate system ( Price paid for job done ) so you won’t get burned by a lazy mechanic padding the clock. Therefore a fast tech can net more in a pay period by turning out more work at the “given price for a given job” flat rate.
I was about to ask if it was a Mercedes or Lexus or something when I read it was a Nissan dealer…but alas, $300.00 hr ?
Again, this dealer should have posted prices for all to see. Is there?

Was there an estimate? Did anyone authorize work estimated to cost $1,100? If so, you might not have a leg to stand on.

You might look into contacting a local consumer advocate who reports for a local paper or broadcast news.

Waht kind of car is it? What work was performed? In rare circumstances I can see charging $300/hour for highly specialized skills, but again, there would have to have been some kind of written estimate or the dealership doesn’t have much to go on in their defense.

You haven’t told us anything about the year or model of your daughter’s car. I assume it’s a Nissan, but that’s all we have to go on.

Most dealers (the good ones, any) post their hourly labor charges somewhere easily visible to their customers.

Unless your daughter’s car is a new Nissan GT-R, which I doubt, there is no way to justify $300 per hour.

Call your local better business bureau, your local chamber of commerce, etc.

Someone has to stop this.

I hope you will tell your daughter to find a good independent mechanic and NEVER go back to this dealer again.

Unless, of course, she’s driving a new GT-R.

A local news station might like to hear about this story. However, save that for the back burner after you’ve gone through the state’s attorney general, regional office of the dealership and a few other places

What kind of general maintenance was being done ?

I could see this bill hitting 1k if a Timing Belt/Water Pump was done as well as an oil change, brakes, fluids on top of all that. Especially at a dealership, and this all falls under maintenance. I can’t see it happening in 2 hrs though.

We need more clarification - What all was done, were labor rates disclosed along with an estimate ?

Something is missing from your story,you left the car for general maintiance,so why was there a call telling you what needed to be done?Was the call telling you extra work needed to be done? and you were told this extra work involved $600.00 in labor,but the car would be ready in 2hrs and no one said “How could this be”.

If you want to prevail in this situation don’t leave details out.As for now the Dealership is not at fault in anyway,my decision is based upon the “quality” of the evidience you have provided.

This doesn’t add up at all. Plumbers don’t even get $300/hour around here on weekends.

If the dealer publishes their labor rate, or if they provided an estimate (note some states require an estimate under certain conditions, check with your state) then they did not rip your daughter off. They may be charging an outrageous amount, but as long as they don’t hide the fact, it is legal.

I hate to make it even worse, but there is no need to bring a car to a dealer for service (unless they are not charging). Independent mechanics are no worse (or better) than dealer mechanics, but they are almost always less expensive.

I would be ready to use this as an expensive learning experience and they don’t learn anything then they have wasted a valuable lesson.

Another case of trashing someone’s name and not backing up the story with facts,The OP has had enough time to respond and explain,if she takes the story to any agency for help as it is related here,no one will or should help her.

My irratition comes frome posting someone’s business name,calling them a rip-off and not providing any proof.

We are now getting ready for the demise of the auto industry…they’ve learned from Wallstreet and Enron.