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Right time to buy a new car?

long story short, teen hugged a tree with my new car, I got a good settlement with ins. co. and teen (she agrees to not drive for a long while.) Don’t need a new car immediately, but want to replace it eventually. Willing to wait for a good deal on a car with high safety rating (was very impressed with the safety devices of the car wrapped around the tree.)

Looking at a Chev. Tahoe-need to fit at least 6. I’m old and I don’t care about color, what’s inside, nor the quality of the music (almost deaf anyway from listening to kid’s music blaring in the car). I’m happy with the last car left on the lot if I can get a good deal and it’s a car that will last a while (at least till I hit the nursing home.)

Buy now or should I wait until GMC folds further? Another car I should look at?

Going against the trend and you can use the vehicle…go for it. I’m an “olderfarder” to and feel any delay would just add to my kids portfolio.
If that size is you…Sequoa (sp) too and Pilot which has excellent 3rd row seating. But GMC if it is far and away cheaper. Still solid choice IMO.
Don’t expect any 6 passenger EVs soon.

In my opinion you should look at anything, from any manufacturer, that interests you.

This is a good time to buy a new car, and I don’t think that’s going to change in the near future. Shop around and make the best deal you can. Very few dealers are selling vehicles these days. They’re all desperate for a sale, but they will be just as desperate, perhaps more so, in the coming months.

I believe the recently signed stimulus package has a new vehicle sales tax deduction written into it. Check and see for sure if this applies to you, because there is an upper limit on vehicle cost.

Have fun shopping.

Now is an excellent time. You should be able to get it for a couple hundred under invoice, and there is a $3000 rebate on top of that.

Now’s good, future might be better, might not. Tahoe’s not a great choice if you need 6 - the 3rd row is tight. The Traverse is better for that, but you might get a better price for the Outlook or Acadia (they’re identical, been out longer). If you want a Ford to look at, the Flex is good, but new, deals might not be common. The Explorer might be a good buy, or the Expedition, both should be heavily discounted. And the Pilot and Highlander would be other options.

The future of any car maker today is a good question, but sadly no one has any good answers.

I will make one suggestion. Don’t assume you will not fit comfortable in a small car. If you look around your will be surprised that there are some small cars that you will fit in quite nicely and you will find some large cars that are not good fits. Many small cars have very high safety ratings and some large SUVs have poor ratings. Do your homework and then go sit in your sort list and then make your choice.

Good luck and have fun. Sorry to hear about the tree thing.

Good point about the smaller cars. The Mazda 5 might be a good option, or the Kia Rondo. Both seat 6, decent MPGs.