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Result of oil loss due to incorrect filter on G20

The last time the oil in my 1995 G20, the wrong oil filter was installed. Later that day the oil leaked out suddenly while driving. Smoke came from the hood, the oil light came on, and the engine started knocking even though I pulled to the side of the road and turned it off ASAP (within a few blocks). The oil and filter were replaced. The Infiniti dealer (whose affiliate Nissan dealer made the error) has driven the car and reported no smoke and they say there is a switch in this vehicle that turns off the engine before damage occurs. What damage has likely occurred and how can we know if it?s been damaged?

A 14 year old car may have significant engine wear, even without catastrophic loss of oil As I see it, if damage is found, how will you prove the exact condition of this aged engine prior to the incident?

With in a few blocks is not ASAP. If the oil light is on, damage is already happening. You need to stop right then and there, or if you proceed, it should be with the expectation that your engine is destroyed.

Damage has already occurred once the oil light came on and the engine started knocking. The only question is the degree of the damage and the first place this will occur is with the crankshaft journals and rod/main bearings.

The problem you may have is this.
Exactly where is this incorrect oil filter now? Gone to the dumpster?
Have they stated, and is this in writing, that the wrong filter or improper installation was involved?

If there is no proof of an incorrect filter and push comes to shove you may find some amnesia will occur on the part of the dealer. They have a vested interest in telling you everything will be fine.

Some vehicles do use a low oil pressure switch to disable an engine in an event like this, but I didn’t think Nissans/Infinitis used this.
Just for hoots, call the Infiniti Parts Dept., ask if they stock this item, and how much. If they can’t come up with anything…

The only systems I’m familiar with that shut down the engine if the oil pressure disappears do it by shutting off the fuel pump. If you had one and it was functioning you would not have been able to continue for two blocks. The engine would have shut down immediately.

On a 14 year old car, provng damage done by this specfic event would be neigh impossible unless the engine were no longer running. The only damage would be reduced life, but with the car already this far along in its lifespan, that’s impossible. Even on a new engine that would be impossible to determine without a teardown. Nobody’s going to teardown a 14 year old engine and successfully connect its internal condition with the recent event.

Sorry, and I feel bad saying it, but sometimes life just isn’t fair. This is one of those times.

Have them put oil/filter back in and drive it. If it knocks demand a used engine to replace your existing. However with a 1995 car they may settle it out with a book value check given the labor and cost of acquiring even a used engine.

Otherwise if its quiet I would not fret much.